Gemstone Wand #2

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  • Crystal quartz is excellent for mental and emotional clarity and focus. If you need to center on a specific task, this clear stone will help clear your mind so that you can maintain concentration and laser focus. Crystal quartz is also an excellent crystal for positivity and clearings out any negativity or stagnant energy. It purifies negative thoughts to bring positivity. 

  • Peacock Ore is a stone of happiness and joy, it is said to turn you in positive directions, and help channel happiness to others; generally a stone of upliftment.
  • Iolite is beneficial for understanding attachments, addictions and codependency. Helps you in freeing yourself from the expectations of others so you can live your life and stay true to yourself. Assists you in taking responsibility for yourself alone without taking on responsibility for others or the world’s problems.
  • Agates are very grounding stones, and they work well to protect you. They work to balance mind, body and spirit so that you feel at peace. The multiple layers and bands in the stones can signify emotions coming to the surface to be accepted. Heals emotional traumas on all levels and gives you the courage to start again.

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