12 inch Crescent Moon Gemstone Mirror #2

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  • Crystal quartz is excellent for mental and emotional clarity and focus. If you need to center on a specific task, this clear stone will help clear your mind so that you can maintain concentration and laser focus. Crystal quartz is also an excellent crystal for positivity and clearings out any negativity or stagnant energy. It purifies negative thoughts to bring positivity. 

  • Chevron amethyst relieves tension. This stone has powerfully focused energy that helps to dissipate and repel negativity. It promotes self-growth and development, inspiring you to move towards spiritual growth and achieve your higher potential. 
  • Amethyst helps to enhance spiritual awareness. Amethyst is a crystal that is beneficial to the mind, clearing negativity and confusion, balancing out highs and lows, and promoting emotional centering. It helps with decision making, negotiation skills, wealth, business success, moving forward in life, dealing with responsibility and change, and public speaking. It helps to balance emotions, dispelling anger, violent tendencies and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Amethyst calms oversensitivity, tension and grief.
  • Moonstone soothes your emotions, improves emotional intelligence and promotes deep empathy. It can also be used to help break negative beliefs and patterns so that the true essence of who you are can shine through. Great for new beginnings and being connected with your intuition. Keeps  you in balance through life’s changes. 
  • Cherry quartz has all the properties of quartz and is also great for the heart chakra. It is a great concentration so is an excellent choice for anyone studying for exams. Healing properties for cherry quartz is it can help with colds, the flu, infections and scan helps with burns. 

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