Gemstone Wand #6

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  • Morganite attracts long term love and brings loving thoughts. Eases stress in a stressful life and helps to express emotions. It also helps you see your unmet needs and where you can be kinder to yourself. Helps with self-love and acceptance of self. Keeps the emotional aspect of self safe while psychological changes take place. 
  • Carnelian aids in the expression and processing of anger, fear, rage, sadness, jealousy, envy, loneliness, and confusion. It will also protect you from other people’s projected anger and fear. It also helos to stimulate creativity and imagination. It helps you to trust yourself and your perception of the world around you. Good for helping you get to the bottom of an issue so you can find a solution that works for you.
  • Moonstone soothes your emotions, improves emotional intelligence and promotes deep empathy. It can also be used to help break negative beliefs and patterns so that the true essence of who you are can shine through. Great for new beginnings and being connected with your intuition. Keeps you in balance through life’s changes.
  • Crystal quartz is excellent for mental and emotional clarity and focus. If you need to center on a specific task, this clear stone will help clear your mind so that you can maintain concentration and laser focus. It’s also an excellent crystal for positivity and clearings out any negativity or stagnant energy. So if you have trouble with negative belief patterns, it purifies these thoughts to bring in positive self-talk.

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