Gemstone Wand #1

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  • Cherry quartz has all the properties of quartz and is also great for the heart chakra. It is a great concentration so is an excellent choice for anyone studying for exams. Healing properties for cherry quartz is it can help with colds, the flu, infections and scan helps with burns. 

  • Carnelian aids in the expression and processing of anger, fear, rage, sadness, jealousy, envy, loneliness, and confusion. It will also protect you from other peoples projected anger and gear. Carnelian helps to stimulate creativity and imagination. It helps you to trust yourself and your perception of the world around you. It is good for helping get you to the bottom of an issue so you can find a solution that works for you. 

  • Selenite provides a calming and angelic energy that stabilizes ones emotions. It assists in connecting with your light and soul as well as with the angelic and spiritual realms. Selenite helps to heal any trauma from abuse and heals on all levels. It connects you with the moon cycle as well as your emotions and your guardian angels. 


  • Crystal quartz is excellent for mental and emotional clarity and focus. If you need to center on a specific task, this clear stone will help clear your mind so that you can maintain concentration and laser focus. Crystal quartz is also an excellent crystal for positivity and clearings out any negativity or stagnant energy. It purifies negative thoughts to bring positivity. 


  • Red jasper is a grounding stone that helps with anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations. It helps to bring problems to light before they become too big and also provides insight into difficult situations. A nurturing stone that soothes anxiety so that you can focus on other things. It helps you to deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions. Helps you to take on new pursuits.
  • Pyrite provides a layer of protection to shield any negativity or ill will. Stimulates the flow of creativity and endless potential. Teaches you how to see things as they really are instead of how you hope them to be. Relieves anxiety and panic attacks, soothes the nervous system. Strengthens confidence and self-worth.

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